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🌟 Rimini Comix – Special Weekend! 🌟


Join us for the Rimini Comix weekend!
Stay at Hotel Morfeo and enjoy a fun-filled experience 🎉

🚄 Top Accessibility: Thanks to Metromare, getting to all the stands and events at Rimini Comix will be a breeze!

💃 19/07/2024: Official “RIMINI COMIX” Party at Carnaby Club!
By staying at Hotel Morfeo, you’ll be entitled to a special discount on the entrance fee for the Official Party Rimini Comix at CARNABY CLUB.

📆 Complete Program of Rimini Comix: Check out the full schedule of events for Rimini Comix and plan your weekend accordingly!

Here you can find the program for the evening at Carnaby Club on 19/07!

📝 Request your quote with no obligation, and don’t forget to mention in the notes that you would like to add a ticket for the Official Party Rimini Comix at Carnaby Club.
Take advantage of this exclusive offer reserved for our guests!

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