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Cocktail Bar

Cocktails & Dreams

The meeting point!
Our Cocktail Bar, also known as the Morpheus Fiesta Cocktail Bar, is open every day until midnight!
From 6:00 PM during Happy Hour and after the beach (the ‘After Beach’ sessions), it’s definitely the best time to enjoy a great drink!

Snacks & Drinks

If you’re feeling more like munching on something tasty rather than having a full meal, just pick a snack, sweet or savory. We’ve got a wide range of Crisps/Chips in every flavor they’ve come up with.
Recommended: our platters of cold cuts and cheeses paired with a Spritz or a glass of bubbles!

For The More Discerning Palates

Choose among a tempting list of cocktails and a selection of excellent local wines, in collaboration with the best Wineries in the area.

Save Withe The Drink Card

With our drink card, you save money and enjoy drinks without stressing. The drink card is worth €30 but you only pay €25, and it can be used both at the hotel bar and inside the Carnaby Club (the nearby super-fun club) Bonus: you can share it with your friends!

And After Dark?

Every night holds the promise of something fun, thanks to the activities planned by Vanessa and the Morpheus Team

For the relax seekers

Our sofas and tables are the perfect spots to enjoy a drink while while scrolling through your social feeds – by the way, we love it when you share photos of your vacation and tag us!

For the fun-loving folks

After dinner, we often organize some short and fun activities to have a good time together: tournaments, competitions, and prize challenges. Check out the Weekly Activities Program!

For the sports fans

Whether it’s the World Cup, the Euros, or the Olympics, if there’s sports action on TV, the big screen is always on!

For the vintage vibes crew

Decks of cards and board games are always available for a friendly game and some old-school gaming vibes.

For the experience hunters

At the Cocktail Bar, you can link up with Vanessa, our Holiday Advisor. She’s the go-to gal for tips on cool activities, must-see spots, tickets, and schedules.

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