Free Entertainment

Free Activities and Entertainment

by Team Morpheus

We organize various fun activities, both in the afternoon and in the early evening. Simple things, no pressure, just a great way to make new friends!
Brought to you by our Morpheus Team, led by Vanessa! Here’s the weekly program, along with a rundown of the various activities.

Here is the program for the week, below is a presentation of the various activities.

Beach Games

Everyone to the beach for some cheerful warfare - forget about Olympic peace - with surprise games and hilarious penalties... but don't worry, the 'Cocktail of Peace' is on the house for everyone!

Beach Volley Tournament

Beach volleyball is the classic beach sport. Coordinated by our Morpheus Team, with prizes for the winners!

Casino Cocktail​

Feeling lucky? Swing by our mini casino for a chance to win big! Every drink you buy at the bar,gives you chips to play roulette with our dealer, winning more more drinks on the house!

Happy Hour​

Are you a Spritz aficionado or more of a Hugo enthusiast? Either way, join us at The Morpheus Fiesta Bar for discounted cocktails and every day's Happy Hour that'll have you smiling from ear to ear.

Billiards Tournament

Think you've got what it takes to rule the pool table? Show off your skills at our billiards tournament! Don't worry if you're a beginner – you might just end up surprising everyone and snagging the trophy! Grab the chalk and watch out for number 8!

Beer Legend

Are you ready for the Beer Legend? From occasional drinker to legendary drunkard, what level are you? Test yourself and show us how thirsty you are!

Beach Party​

The “Yellow Nights” are the legendary evening beach parties we organize in collaboration with the Carnaby Club and the Cocobeach, and they're our favorite events! Picture this: groovy tunes, Djs on stage, tasty cocktails, and fireworks lighting up the night sky. Who's ready to dance barefoot in the sand?

Drink Lottery​

Here's how it works: Every drink you order at the bar gets you a number for a chance to win awesome prizes – think cool gadgets, swanky t-shirts, and of course, more drinks! Will you be the lucky one?

Wheel of Fortune

Another tasty opportunity to win prizes: drinks, gadgets, nightclub tickets, and much more!