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Both the doors and the reception are open 24 hours a day!

With the all-you-can-eat formula, so you can eat as long as you’re hungry. Breakfast: Open until late, brunch-style, with both sweet and savory food: cakes, freshly baked croissants, fresh bread, cold cuts, and cheeses, cereals, fresh fruit, espresso or American coffee, cappuccinos, tea, and various fruit juices. Dinner: our menus range from Italian cuisine to international and ethnic specialties. There is always a lot of choice of dishes including appetizers, first courses, main courses and side dishes, with choices of meat, fish and of course many vegetarian or vegan choices to satisfy everyone. It is always possible to report special needs to also have meals suitable for celiacs or to follow particular diets.

Ours is a ‘light’ animation, that is, we are not too insistent … Vanessa and the boys organize a weekly program of activities in the hotel, tournaments on the beach and some excursions. The program is varied and can be consulted on the large boards displayed in the halls, or online, following the links that are sent via WhatsApp from our News service. Every day, the unmissable moment of meeting is Happy Hour at the lobby bar, for a good cocktail, a moment of socializing and planning the evenings!

We work directly with the best clubs in Rimini and Riccione, such as Cocorico, Carnaby, Altromondo, Peter, Baia Imperiale, etc. and parks like Aquafan and Mirabilandia, so we always have tickets at the best prices! Because? Because we don’t care about earning large commissions on sales and we prefer to save our customers money.

Yes, we prefer to welcome adults. In some special cases, we accept some minors (children, brothers or sisters still minors). If they are not traveling with a parent, a signed permit must be presented by filling in a form that we provide at the time of booking.

Our target customers statistically range from 18 to 30 years old, although we welcome all travelers with a young ‘spirit’ with open arms, in short, those who are young inside and out. We call ourselves Young Hotel because our guests are young, but there is no specific constraint. We are simply not equipped to accommodate small children, so we are NOT a family-friendly hotel.

Of course, as long as they are pets and small pets, they tolerate sleeping in the room with their owners. So if you snore, don’t bring your dog, poor thing. We do not have bowls, kennels, or grooming equipment, so you can bring everything from home.

The center is about 4 km away and can be easily reached by bus (Line N ° 10 and 11) or with the new Metromare service (a tram on wheels) which in a few minutes, at the same cost as a bus ticket, connects Marebello to Rimini railway station, a stone’s throw from the monuments and attractions of the historic center. Alternatively, you can use the hotel’s free bicycles, and follow a very nice itinerary that runs along the seafront and crosses a large park until you reach the Arch of Augustus directly.

In the evening, public transport services are limited and the service is active only in summer. Many clubs in the hills of Riccione offer a paid shuttle service (between € 5 and € 7 for a round trip) that connects the premises with the Riccione railway station and / or Piazzale Curiel in Riccione, which is the terminus of the shuttles and of the bus line, where you can take any connections to connect to Rimini.

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